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    Welcome to the Rain web pages. We pray your visit is enjoyable and informative, as well as beneficial in your search for wisdom. We are blessed to bring these pages to you. Having the ability to present this site, we praise our Heavenly Father through Yeshua, Messiah.

   We are students of God's word, as students we know wisdom comes from reading and studying chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse, rightly dividing His word. The Rain web pages are not designed to take the place of your Bible teacher, but rather in addition to a good Christian Bible teacher that teaches line-by-line, book-by-book. It's with this in mind these web pages were designed, for both beginner and the more mature student, in the hope to gain some of that wisdom.

   We pray that these web pages may be helpful, not only to the student, but also to anyone seeking the meaning of life. It's our intention to inform and encourage anyone to find the wisdom in Holy Writ, the wisdom that is in the simplicity of God's beautiful word.

   If you're new and not familiar with the Rain, you may want to read the article that answers the question: "What is a student of God's word?" In these web pages you will find articles, references, studies, notes and some of Bullinger's Appendixes. Many students, in today's world have small hand held devices and don't pack around a lot of books, hence this site. We at the Rain hope these web pages are helpful in your studies, as you travel, or as you plant seeds of God's truth around the world.

   If you have a comment, question, or a suggestion, or study, you'd like to see posted on the Rain web pages, please let us know. Our contact information can be found in the Short Studies, link above. Please enjoy yourself as you cruise these web pages, to get started just click on one of the links above. There isn't any candle under any basket here!

   Most importantly, remember if you should find wisdom in these pages, it isn't from us, ALL wisdom comes from Father. He allows us to have access to the information to plant seeds, but only He can make a seed grow. Father loves all of His children.

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