Appendix 1 To The Companion Bible.

I.—THE LAW (Torah).
A GENESIS. The beginning. All produced by the Word of God (Genesis 1:3). Israel as a "family" (Genesis 15:1).
B EXODUS. History. Israel emerging from Families and Tribes to a Nation. Called "Hebrews" according to their "tongue."
C LEVITICUS. Worship. Jehovah in the midst. He, Israel's God; and they, His People.
B NUMBERS. History. Israel, now a "Nation," numbered, and blessed, as such (23, 24).
A DEUTERONOMY. The end. All depending on the Word of Jehovah. Israel regarded as in the "Land."

A JOSHUA. "The Lord of all the earth" giving possession of the Land. Government under Priests. the former Prophets
B JUDGES. Israel forsaking and returning to God; losing and regaining their position in the Land. "No king." Bethlehem. Failure under Priests.
C SAMUEL. Man's king "rejected"; God's king (David) "established."
D KINGS. Decline and Fall under the kings.
D ISAIAH. Final blessing under God's King. the latter Prophets
C JEREMIAH. Human kings "rejected." David's "righteous Branch" "raised up."
B EZEKIEL. God forsaking Israel, and returning in glory, to say for ever of His Land and city "Jehovah-Shammah."
A MINOR PROPHETS. "The Lord of all the earth" giving restored possession of the Land, and foretelling final and unending possession.

III.—THE PSALMS (Kethubim, Writings).
A PSALMS. Tehillim. "Praises." God's purposes and counsels as to His doings in the future.
B PROVERBS, that is to say, Rules: Words which govern or rule man's life. God's moral government set forth.
C JOB. "The end of the Lord" shown in Satan's defeat, and the saint's deliverance from tribulation.
D CANTICLES. Virtue rewarded. Read by the Jews at the Passover: the Feast which commemorates the deliverance from Pharaoh, the Jews' oppressor. the five Megilloth
E RUTH. The stranger gathered in to hear of, and share in, God's goodness in Redemption. Read at Pentecost, which commemorates God's goodness in the Land.
F LAMENTATIONS. "Alas!" The record of Israel's woes. Read at the Fast of the ninth of Abib.
E ECCLESIASTES. "The Preacher." The People collected to hear of man's vanity. Read at the Feast of Tabernacles, which commemorates God's goodness in the wilderness.
D ESTHER. Virtue rewarded. Read at the Feast of Purim, which commemorates the deliverance from Haman, "the Jews' enemy."
C DANIEL. "God's judgment." Here are shown the final defeat of Antichrist, and the deliverance out of "the Great Tribulation."
B EZRA-NEHEMIAH. Men who governed and ruled God's People in their resettlement in the Land.
A CHRONICLES. Dibrae hayyamim. "Words of the Days"; or, God's purposes and counsels as to Israel's doings in the past, and until the time of the end.

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