Appendix 100 To The Companion Bible.

  The name "Mary", when used of the Lord's mother, is always in Greek Mariam = the Hebrew Miriam, as in Exodus 15:20.

  The other five are usually "Maria".

  1.  Mary the mother of our Lord (Matthew 1:16, etc.). The context never leaves room for any doubt as to her identity.

  2.  Mary the mother of James the less and Joses (Matthew 27:56. Mark 15:40; 16:1. Luke 24:10). She is called "the other Mary" (Matthew 27:61; 28:1), and the wife of Cleopas (John 19:25).
  3.  Mary the sister of Martha, who anointed the Lord's feet (John 12:3), see Appendix 156 and Appendix 158. She is mentioned by name only in Luke 10:39, 42 and John 11:1, 2, 19, 20, 28, 31, 32, 45; and 12:3.

  4.  Mary Magdalene, of Magdala (Matthew 15:39). She is always to be identified by this designation (Matthew 27:56. Mark 16:1, 9. Luke 8:2. John 20:18, etc.); there is no authority whatever for identifying her with the unnamed woman of Luke 7:37-50.

  5.  Mary the mother of John Mark (Acts 12:12).

  6.  Mary, one of Paul's helpers (Romans 16:6).

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