Appendix 108 To The Companion Bible.

  There are seven Greek words translated "child" in the N.T., which are to be distinguished as follows:—

  i.  teknon = that which is borne or born (from tikto, to bring forth). Anglo-Saxon = bearn, from beran, to bear. Hence, Scottish bairn. Used of a child by natural descent, whether boy or girl.

  ii.  teknion.  Diminutive of teknon (No. i, above); a term of endearment.

  iii.  huios = a son, or male, having reference to origin and nature, including that of relationship to the father.

  iv.  pais = a child, whether son or daughter (in relation to law); a boy or girl (in relation to age); a servant, or maid (in relation to condition), like the French garçon.
  v.  paidion.  Diminutive of pais (No. iv, above); hence, a young or little child, an infant; also a term of endearment.

  vi.  paidarion.  Another diminutive of pais (No. iv, above), a lad; a little boy or girl.

  vii.  nepios.  Not old enough to speak (from ne, negative, and epo, to speak).

  viii.  brephos.  An embryo, or newly-born babe.

  ix.  korasion = a young girl, or maiden. Diminutive of kore, a girl; like paidion, used as a term of endearment.

  x.  neaniskos = a young man (always so translated), from the age of twenty to forty.

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