Appendix 170 To The Companion Bible.

  There are three principal words translated "LIFE". Their shades of meaning are to be distinguished as follows:—

 1.  zoe = life in all its manifestations; from the life of God down to the lowest vegetable. It is life in activity, and thus especially is the opposite of death. It involves resurrection life and eternal life; and hence, as such, is the "gift of God" (Romans 6:23. 1John 5:12). For the same reason its verb zao is frequently used of, and put for, resurrection life (Matthew 9:18. Mark 16:11. Luke 24:5, 23. John 11:25, 26. Acts 1:3; 9:41; 25:19. Romans 6:10; 14:9. 2Corinthians 13:4. Revelation 1:18; 2:8; 13:14; 20:4, 5).

 2.  bios = life, as lived, manner of life; life as led, etc.; zoe being life as one experiences it; bios as others see it.
This is used therefore, only of mankind, who not only live but lead lives. Hence the difference between ZO-ology and BIO-graphy. Zoe is life in its principle; bios is life in its manifestations (Luke 8:14). Bios is also put by Figure of Speech, Metonymy (of Adjunct), Ap. 6, for livelihood, or that which supports animal life (Luke 8:43). It occurs eleven times (Mark 12:44. Luke 8:14, 43; 15:12, 30; 21:4. 1Tim. 2:2. 2Tim. 2:4. 1Pet. 4:3. 1John 2:16; 3:17).

 3.  psuche = the breath of animal life; one of the manifestations of zoe, common to all living animals. In one passage (Isa. 10:18, the Hebrew nephesh (Appendix 13), Greek psuche) is applied to vegetable life. It is used of the living individual as such. For its various renderings and usages, see Appendix 110.

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