Appendix 174 To The Companion Bible.

 1.  apostello = to send forth, or off, or away from (as a messenger, or with a commission), the sender remaining behind;¹ implying authority on the part of the sender. Hence used of prophets; and the Noun, "apostle", denotes one thus sent.

 2.  exapostello = to send off, or away out of (the place where one is); implying the same mission and authority. No. 1, with the Preposition ek prefixed. See Appendix 104. vii.

 3.  sunapostello = to send off together (or in conjunction) with another. No. 1, with sun (Appendix 104. xvi) prefixed. Occurs only in 2Corinthians 12:18.

 4.  pempo = to send (especially with an escort), the sender accompanying those sent.² See Luke 7:3 (where No. 1, above, is used), and verse 6 (where pempo is used).

 5.  anapempo = to send up (as to a judge for trial); or to send back, remit (as in Luke 23:11); or to send again.

 6.  ekpempo = to send out from, send out. No. 4, with ek (Appendix 104. vii) prefixed. Occurs only in Acts 13:4; 17:10.
  ¹ See John 20:22: "as the Father hath sent  (No. 1)  Me, even so send I  (No. 4)  you."
  ² See note above, where pempo is thus emphasized.
 7.  metapempo = to send for, so as to be with one's self. No. 4, with meta (Appendix 104. xi) prefixed. Occurs only (except once) in Middle Voice. Acts 10:5, 5, 22, -29; 11:13; 24:24, 26; 25:3. See Passive Voice, Acts 10:29-.

 8.  sumpempo = to send in company with. No. 4, with sun (Appendix 104. xvi) prefixed. Occurs only in 2Corinthians 8:18, 22.

 9.  ballo = to throw, to cast (the context determining the nature or degree of force exercised). Compare Matthew 10:34.

 10.  ekballo = to throw or cast out of, or from. No. 9, with ek (Appendix 104. vii) prefixed. Compare Matthew 12:20.

 11.  apoluo = to loosen off from, let loose from, release, let go away. Compare Matthew 15:23.

 12.  aphiemi = to send off, or away from one's self (in any manner); hence, to dismiss. Compare Matthew 13:36.

 13.  apotassomai = to withdraw from by taking formal leave of; to bid farewell or say "adieu" to: as Elisha did from Elijah (Josephus, Antiquities viii. 13:7). Compare Mark 6:46. Luke 9:61; 14:33. Acts 18:18, 21. 2Cor. 2:13.

 14.  bruo = to emit, or send forth abundantly (as a fountain). Occurs only in James 3:11.

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