NOTES ON MARK 14:51-52.

This Is From The Companion Bible.
51  °And there °followed Him °a certain young man, having a °linen cloth °cast °about his °naked body; and °the young men laid hold on him:
52  And he °left °the linen cloth, and fled
35from them naked.

[ 35 from = away from.  Greek apo.  Appendix 104. iv.  As in verses 36 and 52; not the same as in verse 43. (Brought forward from notes on verse thirty-five)]
51  And there followed, etc.  This is a Divine supplement, peculiar to Mark's Gospel.
  followed = was following.
  a certain young man = one particular young man.  That this might be Lazarus, is probable:  (1) because the Lord had returned to Bethany each preceding night of that week;  (2) because Lazarus would be looking out;  (3) because of the linen robe, betokening his social position;  (4) and especially because he was wanted: "The chief priests consulted that they might put Lazarus also to death" (John 12:
10).  None of the apostles was arrested.  Peter (though suspected) and another (John 18:15) were unmolested;  (5) his name is not given here by Divine guidance, because Lazarus was probably still alive, and therefore in danger.
  linen cloth.  Greek sindon = a linen cloak (so-called probably from Indos = Indian).
  cast about = having clothed [himself]; as in Matthew 6:
29 (arrayed), 31; 25:36, 38, 43. Mark 16:5. Luke 12:27; 23:11. John 19:2. Acts 12:8.
  about = upon.  Greek epi.  Appendix 104. ix. 1.
  naked.  Without waiting to put on all his robes.
  the young men: that is to say, the soldiers; as in
2Samuel 2:14. Genesis 14:24.
52  left, etc. = leaving behind . . . fled.
  the linen cloth = the sindon.
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