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 9  °After this manner therefore 5pray ye: °Our Father °Which art 1in °heaven, °Hallowed be °Thy name.
10  °Thy °kingdom °come. Thy °will °be done °in °earth, as it is 1in °heaven.
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[ 1 in.  Greek en.  Appendix 104. viii. (Brought forward from notes on verse one.)]
 5 prayest  .  .  .  pray. Greek proseuchomai. See Appendix 134. I. 2. (Brought forward from notes on verse five.)]
9  After, etc.  Compare "When".  Luke 11:2-4.
  Our Father.  See Exodus 4:
22.  Deuteronomy 32:6, etc.  The idolater could say to his idol "Thou art my father", so Israel was bound to do so (Isaiah 63:16; 64:8).  The Talmud so teaches.
  Which = Who.
  heaven = heavens.   See note on verse
  Hallowed = Sanctified.
  Thy.  Note that the first three petitions are with respect to God, while the next four concern those who pray.  God is to be put first in all prayer.
10  Thy kingdom come.  This is the great subject of the first period of the Lord's ministry.  See Appendix 119,  also Appendix 112,  Appendix 113,  Appendix 114, and the Structure on pages 1304, 1305, and 1315 (in The Companion Bible).
  kingdom.  See Appendix 112.
  come. It was then being proclaimed, but was afterward rejected, and is now in abeyance.  See Appendix 112,  Appendix 113,  Appendix 114, and compare Appendix 63. ix.  Hence this same petition is now correct, not the usual prayers for the "increase" or "extension" of it.
  will = desire.  Greek thelo.  See Appendix 102. 1.
  be done = be brought to pass, come to pass, be accomplished.  Greek ginomai.  Compare 26:
  in = upon.  Greek epi.  Appendix 104. ix. 4.
  earth = the earth.  Greek ge.  Appendix 129. 4.  All the texts (Appendix 94. VII.) omit the article.
  heaven.  Here it is singular because it is in contrast with earth.  Had it been singular in verse
9, it would have implied that our Father was in heaven, but not on earth.  In the Greek the two clauses are reversed: "as in heaven [so] upon earth also".
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