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 22  And they ascended by the  °south, and came unto
°Hebron;  where  °Ahiman,  Sheshai, and  Talmai, the
°children  of  Anak,  were.  (Now  Hebron was  °built
°seven  years  before  °Zoan  in  Egypt.)

 22  south = the Negeb  Compare Genesis 12:9; 13:1.
 Hebron.  Ancient name, Kirjath-arba (or strong-hold of Arba) (Genesis 23:
2, 19), because built by Anak and the sons of Arba. Joshua 14:15; 15:13. The Tel-el-Amarna Tablets show that certain bands of Hittite condottieri are called "Khabiri", or "allies" (hence the name Hebron, which means "confederacy", or friendship, which is not met with till Ramases II), captured Kirjath-Arba. Ebed-Tob, king of Jerusalem (see note on Genesis 14:18), in his letters to Pharaoh frequently mentions these Khabiri (or confederates of Amorites and Hittites). God's confederacy with His people in Christ was "before the foundation of the world". Before Zoan the city of the wise was known.
 Ahiman.  Driven out by Caleb. Joshua 15:
13, 14.  Slain by Judah. Judges 1:10.
 children of Anak = home-born persons:  usually of slaves.  These were the result of a second irruption of the fallen angels. See Genesis 6:
4, "after that". These are called "Nephilim" in verse 33. See Appendix 23 and 25. The name "Anak" occurs here, and verses 28, 33. Deuteronomy 9:2. Joshua 15:14.
 built: that is to say, rebuilt (banah frequently has this meaning).  Compare Joshua 6:
26. 1Kings 16:34. 2Kings 14:22. Isaiah 44:28. Amos 9:14.
 seven years before Zoan in Egypt.  Built by the first kings of the nineteenth dynasty (see Appendix 37). Ramases II made it his capital, compare Isaiah 30:
4 (and is the first to mention Hebron).  Zoan was the scene of the Exodus (see Psalm 78:12, 13), and "the house of bondage"
 Zoan.  See note on Exodus 1:
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