NOTES ON PSALM 144:11-15

This Is From The Companion Bible.
11  7Rid me, and  7deliver me from the hand of  7strange children,
      Whose mouth 
8speaketh vanity,
      And their right hand is  a right hand of falsehood:
12  °That our sons °may be  as plants grown up in their youth;
      That  our daughters °may be  as corner stones, polished after
           the similitude of a palace:
13  That  our garners 
12may be  full, affording all manner of store:
      That  our °sheep may bring forth thousands and ten thousands
           in our °streets:
14  That  our oxen 
12may be  °strong to labour;
      That there be  °no breaking in, °nor going out;
      That there be  no complaining in our 
15  °Happy is that  people, that is °in such a case:
      °Yea,  happy is that  People, whose 
9God is  1the LORD.

     1 the LORD.  Hebrew Jehovah. Appendix 4. II.
 7 Rid = snatch.  Hebrew pazah; same word as in verse 11, and "delivereth", verse 10.
 7 deliver = pluck, or rescue.  Hebrew nazal; same word as in verse 11, not the same as in verses 2, 10.
 7 strange children = aliens.  Hebrew = sons of the foreigner.
 8 speaketh.  Compare verse 11; and note the words they speak in verses 12-15.
 9 God.  Hebrew Elohim.  Appendix 4. I.
(The preceding notes have been brought forward from earlier verses in this chapter for perspicacity.)
  12  That = Who.  Hebrew 'asher.  Supply the Ellipsis thus: "Who [say] our sons are, etc."  All the words in italic type in verses 12-15- may be omitted, or the Present Tense may be supplied throughout.  The verb "say" or "saying" is very frequently to be thus understood.  See note on Psalm 109:5.
  may be.  Supply "Are" and omit "That"
13  sheep = flocks.
  streets = open fields.  Hebrew that which is outside the house.
14  strong to labour = well laden.
  no breaking in = no invasion.
  nor going out = no captivity.
15  Happy.  See Appendix 63. VI.
  in such a case: that is to say, holding the false view that happiness consists in outward prosperity. Compare 4:
6, 7, and 146:3 and 5.
  Yea.  Supply the Ellipsis (Appendix 6), not as in Authorized Version and Revised Version, but [Yea, rather], or [Nay].  The last member (L
3) being David's own words; denying the vain and false words of the aliens (verses 8 and 12-15), and declaring the truth as to that in which real happiness consists.  See note on Psalm 4:6, 7.
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