Notes On Ecclesiastes

To Keep In Mind When Sowing Seed
  Ecclesiastes = The Preacher
  (Hebrew) Koheleth = Assembler or Convener
Without God All is Vanity
  Godless learning = cynicism (1:7, 8)
  Godless greatness = sorrows (1:16-18)
  Godless pleasure = disappointment (2:1, 2)
  Godless labor = hatred of life (2:17)
  Godless philosophy¹ = emptiness (3:1-9)
  Godless eternity = unfulfillment (3:11)
  Godless life = depression (4:2, 3)
  Godless religion = dread (5:7)
  Godless wealth = trouble (5:12)
  Godless existence = frustration (6:12)
  Godless wisdom = despair (11:1-8)

  The beginning of wisdom is the fear (reverence) of God, a deeply serious attitude toward the commands of God. Proverbs 1:7—"The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction",

¹ Man. Times For His Labor (3:1–9)

  Labor. Its appointment (verse 1). Seasons (verses 2–8). Labor. Its profit (verse 9). Ecclesiastes 3:1—To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:... (The lyrics to a very famous song were taken from these passages.)

² Old Testament Key Term

  The fear of the LORD = HEBREW: yare´ (Strong's #3372), Y ehovahYHVH (Strong's #3068).
  The recognition that humans are responsible and accountable to God's moral standard. The Old Testament has no word for, religion. This is because, the peoples in the time of the Old Testament it was just a way of life. The phrases, "the fear of God " or "the fear of the LORD," comes close to expressing what we mean by the term; religion.
  Even today for the Christian, the term Christianity is not a religion but is a way of life. A life–style which always takes into account that there is an "all–wise,"  "all–powerful,"  "all–righteous"  God who holds people accountable for their behavior. To live in loving fellowship with God is possible, but only for those who "fear" Him...   better said, for those who "Revere" Him.

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