Appendix 191 To The Companion Bible.

 1.  dikaios = just, righteous. From dike, right (see Appendix 177. 4). Occurs eighty times; forty translated "righteous"; thirty-three "just"; five times "right"; and twice "meet". (a) In two places (Romans 3:8. Hebrews 2:2) "just" is the rendering of endikos. No other word in the New Testament for "just", or "righteous".
 2.  dikaioo is to set forth as righteous, to justify. Occurs forty times, of which fifteen are in Romans. Always rendered "justify", except Romans 6:7 ("freed"), and Revelation 22:11 ("be righteous"). The participle is translated "justifier" in Romans 3:26.
 3.  dikaiosune = righteousness. Occurs ninety-two times, of which thirty-six are in Romans.
Always translated "righteousness". Other words to which the same translation is given are dikaioma (see below), and euthutes, which latter occurs only in Hebrews 1:8.

 4.  dikaioma is a righteous ordinance, a decree (of acquittal). See Appendix 177. 4. Rendered "righteousness" in Romans 2:26; 5:18; 8:4. Revelation 19:8; and "ordinance" in Luke 1:6. Hebrews 9:1, 10: "judgment", Romans 1:32. Revelation 15:4: "justification", Romans 5:16.

 5.  dikaiosis = justification. Occurs only in Romans 4:25; 5:18. The only other word rendered "justification" is dikaioma (see 4), in Romans 5:16.

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