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   The studies in this book are not meant to replace your verse by verse study. All students of God's Word study verse by verse, chapter by chapter, and book by book. The short studies in this book are designed to be a "seed planting" handbook, as it were, studies that will motivate thought and will entertain that curiosity appealing to the beginner in Christianity or anyone looking for the truth in the ways of the Christian.

   These studies will help drive the student into the scriptures seeking the true meaning of life, and to search for that wisdom which is only found in the simplicity of God's beautiful Word. As a seed planting handbook, anyone can quickly share with family and friends, the Key Truths in The Holy Bible.

   Some of the studies which are key to the understanding of God's Word are...
  ·How Do You Pray & Whom Do You Pray To.
  ·What Does Our Heavenly Father Really Desire.
  ·The Apple Tree in The Garden & Acquiring Knowledge From Fruit.
  ·Paying Taxes.
  ·The Kenites, The Cross & Our LORD.
  ·The Two Witnesses.
  ·The Three Harvest Festivals.
  ·The Hebrew Names of God Used in Scripture.
  ·The Greek Names of Our LORD in Scripture.
  ·Exactly When is The Rapture.
  ·Bringing The Price of a Dog into The LORD'S House.
  ·A Question & Answer Section That Answers Questions Like...
        ·Are Tattoos a Sin?
        ·Water Baptism.
        ·Hell, a Place of Eternal Torment?
        ·How Many Heavens or Dispensations are There?
        ·Soul, Spirit, Body, & What Are The Differences?
   Over 95 pages of Questions & Answers.
Key Studies in Biblical Truth
by J.A. Hall
Recommended For The Beginner In Christianity.

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   Among these chapters, you will find studies that will teach you the same things that were taught by the two churches, spoken of in the book of Revelation, which Jesus found no fault in. Also, you will find a whole chapter on using the Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of The Bible. Easy to understand, you will learn how to use a Strong's Concordance with a KJV Bible, so you can take any English word in your Bible back into the original languages (Hebrew or Greek), so you may read the true meaning of any word for yourself and learn the truth that's in the letter your Heavenly Father wrote to YOU, The Bible.

   You will enjoy "In Heaven There Is War", look for it at your local bookstore or click on one of the links above. It will be a great addition to your library and can be helpful in your daily verse by verse, chapter by chapter, book by book study of God's Word.

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