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( Topical )

The History of The English Bible.

Books of  The Bible.
(The Hebrew/Greek Names and Their Period in Time.)

Proof That The "Sons of God" Did Exist in The First Earth Age.
(The FootPrint in Stone, 50 Million Years Old.)

The Song of  Moses.
(The Key to The Apocalypse.)

The Soul After Death.
The Missing Fragment of  II Esdras,
(Teachings from The Apocrypha.)

The Ten Commandments.
(In Over 20, Different Bible Versions.)

The Twelve Apostles.
(The Beginnings of Christianity.)

Phoenician or Paleo Hebrew.
(The Ancient Hebrew Alphabet Compared to Modern Hebrew.)

What Are Frontlets And Phylacteries?

Languages of  The Bible.
(Study of The Original Languages.)

Notes On Ecclesiastes.
(One May Wish to Keep in Mind.)

The Rapture Theory  In A Nutshell. (Revised)
(This is a Thorough and In–Depth Biblical Study, Using Their Own Words in Documenting The Lie Which is Their Theory of Rapture.)

Miscellaneous Bible Reference Reminders
With Abbreviated Concordance.
(The Bible References, Notes, Reminders, and Concordance Utilized by Students of God's Word.)

The Prayer of Jesus Christ.
(Jesus Prays for Believers, His Disciples, Himself & Future Believers.)

Three Harvest Festivals. (Revised)
(The Harvesting of The Fields is a Type for The Harvesting of The Souls.)

Triads of  Paul The Apostle.
(From The Ancient British Language of  The Druids.)

How To Use The Strong's Concordance.
(These are The Easiest Instructions on The Internet, for The Novice Student.)

What Is A Student of God's Word?
(Utilizing The Right Tools is Important in Understanding The Truth.)

What's In A Name.
(The Names and Titles of The Denominations Provides Us With Considerable Insight into Their Religious Traditions.)

Salvation. (Revised)
(Written for The Novice, a Study in The Book of Hebrews.)

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