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   These Appendixes are from The Companion Bible, which is a King James Version Bible. The great thing about this KJV bible is that it has a companion column running alongside the Holy Scriptures. This "companion column" is not a commentary on the Scriptures. Instead, this column contains critical, explanatory and suggestive notes. These notes and the Appendixes were translated, compiled and written by Dr. E.W. Bullinger, utilizing the Massorah (The very first Bible to do this). Likened to footnotes the Massorah is only found in the oldest and best Hebrew manuscripts and is a very important part of the manuscripts, which actually locks in the text so that there can be no confusion. (See Appendix 30). Thus giving the English reader a clearer understanding of the Hebrew language, never before available to English students.

   The scholarly work of Dr. Bullinger is un-surpassed in Modern Times. The Companion Bible is the first Bible to utilize the Massorah in translating the Hebrew manuscripts, we encourage every Student of God's Word to obtain their own Companion Bible. For the convenience of English reading students, we have posted most of Bullinger's Appendixes on these Web Pages. strives to keep the look, integrity and to accurately post Dr. Bullinger's Scholarly work. We have also linked the Appendixes together as Bullinger intended. Any Appendixes omitted isn't because we disagree with it or anything of the sort, its that we encourage you to obtain your own printed copy of The Companion Bible to support the work and to keep it in print. As a student, you will find that there is so much more to this work than just the Appendixes. We believe that you will find it the best study Bible available today. So, if you've enjoyed reading some of this work on these Web Pages, we know you will enjoy your very own copy. The Appendixes listed Numerically can be found here:  NUMERICAL INDEX OF THE APPENDIXES.
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180. Acts, Chronology, etc., of the Book of
181. Acts, Dispensational Position of the Book of
183. Acts 2:16 "This is that"
188. Acts 7:17, 18 "Another king"
129. Age, Greek aiôn
151. Age, aiôn
195. Ages, Different, and Dispensations
  93. Alleged "Corruption" of the Hebrew Text
  98. "Almighty"
  81. Altar to Jehovah in the Land of Egypt
158. Anointings, The Two
124. "Another", "Other", Synonymous Words for, N.T.
188. "Another King", Acts 7:17, 18
  22. Antediluvian Patriarchs, Chronology of
197. Apocalypse; The Revelation
    3. Apocalypse the Complement of Genesis
189. Apostles: Elders: Prophets
141. Apostles, The Twelve
167. Apostles, The Three Commissions
106. "Appear", "Appearing", etc., Synonymous Words for, N.T.
  94. Aramaic Language
  42. Ashêrah, The


185. Baptism, The Formulae of, in Acts and the Epistles
115. "Baptize", "Baptism". etc., N.T.
126. Beatitudes, The Eight, of Matthew 5,
            and the Eight Woes of Matthew 23
133. "Behold", "See", "Look", etc., Synonymous Words for, N.T.
150. "Believe", Use of the Word, N.T.
152. Blind men of Jericho, The Healing of
  47. "Book of the Law, The"
  95. Books of the New Testament, Order of
    1. Books of the Old Testament, Hebrew Canon
  16. "Breath", Occurrences of, Neshâmâh
182. Brethren, The Lord's
187. Burying of the Patriarchs

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  20. Cain, Posterity of
  21. "Calling on the Name of the Lord" (Genesis 4:26)
    1. Canon, Hebrew, of Old Testament Books
  41. Cherubim, The
  64. "Chief Musician", Psalm Titles
108. "Child", "Children", etc., Synonymous Words for, N.T.
  98. "Christ"
  98. "Christ Jesus"
  98. "Christ the Lord"
  50. Chronological Charts and Tables
  83. Chronological Order of Jeremiah's Prophecies
  77. Chronological Order the Prophets
  22. Chronology of the Patriarchs (Antediluvian)
  50. Chronology Creation to Flood
  50. Chronology Flood to Abraham
  50. Chronology Abraham to Exodus
  50. Chronology Exodus to Kingdom
  50. Chronology Kingdom to Captivities
  50. Chronology Ezra-Nehemiah to Destruction of Jerusalem
  50. Chronology Exodus Week
  50. Chronology The Forty Years
  50. Chronology The First Two Years of the Exodus
  50. Chronology The Fortieth and Forty-First Year
  50. Chronology Ezra-Nehemiah Period
  50. Chronology The Prophets and Kings
  50. Chronology Periods of 430, 450, 490, and 1,000 Years
  50. Chronology "Lo-Ammi" Periods
  50. Chronology "The Going Forth of the Commandment"
            (Daniel 9:25)
  50. Chronology: Principal Events
  86. Chronology: "The Fourth Year of Jehoiakim"
179. Chronology: Parallel Datings of Times of the Lord
179. Chronology: Dates of "the Begetting" and Nativity
179. Chronology: "The Course of Abia"
180. Chronology: of "Acts"
186. Church: Ekklêsia
113. Church, The, and The Kingdom
192. Church Epistles, The (Pauline)
  51. Coins: Money: Weights and Measures
  39. Commandments, The Ten
167. Commission, The Three
122. "Condemn", "Judge", etc., Synonymous Words for, N.T.
179. "Course of Abia, The"
    5. Creation versus Evolution
    8. "Creation Tablets", The So-Called
162. Cross, The, and Crucifixion
163. Cross, The, Inscriptions on
164. Cross, The, The "Others" crucified with Him
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  89. Daniel, The Visions of, are Synchronous
  90. Daniel, The "Times" and "Days" of
  91. Daniel, The "Seventy Weeks" (Daniel 9)
179. Dates of "Begetting" and the Nativity
  11. "Day", Use of the Word, in Genesis 1
  90. "Days", The, etc., of Daniel
  39. Decalogue, The
139. "Dead" and "The Dead", N.T.
  67. Degrees, Songs of the
  46. Deuteronomy, References in N.T. to
  72. Dispensation, The Parenthesis of the Present
181. Dispensational Position of the Book of Acts
195. Dispensations, Different Ages and
    4. Divine Names and Titles, Old Testament
  98. Divine Names and Titles, in N.T.
    2. Divine Revelation, Genesis the Foundation of


129. "Earth": "Word", etc., Synonymous Words for, N.T.
  76. Ecclesiastes, Supposed "Later" Hebrew Words in
  81. Egypt, Altar to Jehovah in the Land of
186. Ekklesia: Church
189. Elders: Apostles: Prophets
  98. "Emmanuel"
155. End of the Age, The Two Great Prophecies on
            (Luke 21, Matthew 24, Mark 13)
  21. Enos: Genesis 4:26: "Calling on the Name of the Lord"
153. Entries into Jerusalem, The Two
192. Epistles, The Pauline (Church)
  60. Esther, The Name of Jehovah in the Book of
       "Eternal": see under "Everlasting"
198. Eternal Purpose, The (Ephesians 3:11)
151. "Everlasting": "Eternal": "For Ever", etc., N.T.
140. Everlasting Gospel, The
128. "Evil", "Sin", etc., Synonymous Words for, N.T.
    5. Evolution, Creation versus
  88. Ezekiel, The Millennial "Sanctuary", etc.
  58. Ezra-Nehemiah History, Harmony of


150. "Faith" and "Faithful", N.T.
  98. "Father", The Divine Title
161. Field, Purchase of the Potter's
    6. Figures of Speech (Names and Definitions)
  22. Flood, Date of the
        "For Ever": see under "Everlasting"
146. Foundation of the World, The
103. Fulfilment of Prophecy in N.T., The First


169. Galilee (Map)
  68. Gate, The Dung Gate, of Nehemiah
  59. Gates, The Twelve, of Jerusalem
        Gehenna: see under Hell
  99. Genealogies, The Two, of Matthew 1 and Luke 3
  57. Genealogy of the Persian Kings
  99. "Generation of Jesus Christ, The Book of the"
  29. Generations of Terah
            (including those of Isaac and Jacob)

    3. Genesis, Its Complement in the Apocalypse
    2. Genesis, the Foundation of Divine Revelation
  17. Genitive Case
        Giants: see under N ephilim
  98. "God", New Testament
  96. Gospels, Diversity of the Four
  97. Gospels, Unity of the Four
140. "Gospel of the Kingdom", and Other "Gospels"
140. "Gospel of God, The"
140. "Gospel of the Grace of God, The"
140. "Gospel of the Glory of Christ, The"
184. "Grace" etc., Synonymous Words for, N.T.
  35. Grave: Hebrew Sh eol
104. Greek Prepositions
  94. Greek Text of N.T.
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         Hades: see under Hell
143. "Have ye not read?" (Matthew 12:3, etc.)
152. Healing of Blind Men at Jericho, The
    1. Hebrew Canon of O.T. Books
  93. Hebrew Text, Alleged "Corruption" of
  66. Hebrew Words in Text of Psalms
  76. Hebrew Words Supposed Later, in Ecclesiastes
131. "Hell", Synonymous Words for, N.T.
109. Herods of the New Testament, The
142. "He that hath ears to hear, let him hear"
  68. Hezekiah's Conduit and Pool
  67. Hezekiah's Songs of Degrees
  56. Historical Books, Parallel Passages in
        Holy, Spirit, The: see under Pneuma
165. Hours of the Lord's Last Day, The
  24. Hundred and Twenty Years, of Genesis 6:3


  98. "I Am"
118. "If": Conditions conveyed by it Use
  44. "Iniquity": "Sin": "Trespass", etc., in O.T.
163. Inscriptions on the Cross, The
  18. "In the day" (Genesis 2:17)
  29. Isaac, Generations of
  79. Isaiah, Evidence of One Authorship
  80. Isaiah Quotations and Allusions in N.T.
    7. Italic Type in Revised Version


  29. Jacob, Generations of
  86. "Jehoiakim, The Fourth Year of"
  81. Jehovah, Altar to, in the Land of Egypt
  32. "Jehovah", Alterations of the Sopherim
  60. Jehovah, Name of, in the Book of Esther
  85. Jeremiah, a Type of the Messiah
  83. Jeremiah, Chronological Order of his Prophecies
  84. Jeremiah, Septuagint Version of
152. Jericho, The Healing of the Blind Man
  53. Jerusalem, Sieges of
  59. Jerusalem, The Twelve Gates of
153. Jerusalem, The Two Entries into
  98. "Jesus"
  98. "Jesus Christ"
  51. Jewish Months
120. Jewish Sects
  61. Job, Quotations from the Book of
  62. Job, Septuagint Ending of
183. Joel's Prophecy (Acts 2:16)
176. John's Gospel, The Eight "Signs" in
122. "Judge", "Condemn", etc., Synonymous
            Words for, N.T.
177. "Judgement", Synonymous
            Words for, N.T.
191. "Just", "Justify", etc., Synonymous
            Words for, N.T.


112. "Kingdom", Synonymous Expressions for
113. "Kingdom" and "The Church", "The"
114. "Kingdom of Heaven" and "Kingdom of God"
140. "Kingdom, The Gospel of the"
145. Kingdom of Heaven, Eight Parables of, Matthew 13
112. "Kingdom of Heaven, The"
112. "Kingdom of God, The"
112. "Kingdom of the Father, The"
112. "Kingdom of the Son of Man, The"
112. "Kingdom of His Dear Son, The"
112. "Kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,
            The Everlasting"
112. "Kingdom of our Lord and of His Christ, The"
132. "Know", "Knowledge", etc., Synonymous
            Words for, N.T.


  15. Laws before Sinai
  47. "Law, The Book of the"
  38. Leaven
        Life: see Psuche, Zoe
170. "Life", Synonymous Words for, N.T.
130. "Light", etc., Synonymous Words for, N.T.
133. "Look", "See", "Behold", etc., Synonymous
            Words for, N.T.
  98. "Lord"
119. Lord, The, Fourfold Ministry of
117. Lord, The, His Knowledge of Past and Future
179. Lord, The, Parallel Datings of the Times of
166. Lord, The, Sequence of Events following the Resurrection
165. Lord, The, The Hours of His Last Day
116. Lord, The, The Temptations of (Matthew and Luke)
182. Lord's Brethren, The
135. "Love", Synonymous Words for, N.T.


  14. "Man", Synonymous Words for, O.T.
123. "Man", "Men", Synonymous Words for, N.T.
  49. "Man of God, The"
168. Mark's Gospel, The Last Twelve Verses of
100. Marys, The Six
  30. Massorah, The
  98. "Master", The Greek Words in N.T.
  51. Measures, Jewish, etc.
  98. Messiah
  88. Millennial "Sanctuary" and Oblation (Ezekiel)
138. Miracles, The Double, of
            Matthew 9:18; Mark 5:22; Luke 8:41
  54. Moabite Stone, The
  51. Money and Coins, Jewish
  51. Months, The Jewish
  68. Moriah, Solomon's Temple on
  68. Moriah, Solomon's Royal Buildings on
  64. "Musician, To the Chief"
193. Mystery, Greek musterion
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  21. Name of the Lord, Calling on the (Genesis 4:26)
  52. Names, Pronunciation of Proper
    4. Names and Titles, Divine, O.T.
  98. Names and Titles, Divine, in N.T.
179. Nativity, Date of the
105. Negatives, N.T. Use of
  58. Nehemiah-Ezra History, Harmony of
  13. Nephesh (Soul), Usage of the Word
  25. Nephilim, The, of Genesis 6
  16. Neshamah (Breath), Occurrences of
  95. New Testament and Order of Books
  94 New Testament Greek Text of
  80. New Testament Quotations from Isaiah
  46. New Testament References to Deuteronomy
105. New Testament Use of Negatives
  28. Nimrod (Genesis 10:8, 9; 1Chronicles 1:10)
  26. Noah "Perfect"
  10. Numbers, Spiritual Significance of


  43. "Offer", and the Offerings
    1. Old Testament Books, Structure of
107. O.T. Books, Quotations, Principle underlying
  55. Omri, The Dynasty of
  24. One Hundred and Twenty Years, The, of Genesis 6:3
  68. Ophel, "the City of David"
124. "Other" and "Another", Synonymous Words for, N.T.


140. Parable of the Great Supper
140. Parable of the Marriage Feast
140. Parable of the Sower
145. Parables, The Eight, in Matthew 13
179. Parallel Datings of the Times of our Lord, etc.
  56. Parallel Passages of the Historical Books
  72. Parenthesis of the Present Dispensation
156. Passover, "Six Days Before the Passover"
187. Patriarchs, Burying of the
  22. Patriarchs, The Chronology of the Antediluvian
  92. Pentateuch, References to, by the Prophets
125. "Perfect", The Synonymous Words for, N.T.
  57. Persian Kings, Genealogy of

P (cont.)

147. Peter; "Thou art Peter" (Matthew 16:18)
160. Peter; The Denials of
  37. Pharaohs of Genesis and Exodus
  87. "Pharaoh's House in Tahpanhes"
120. Pharisees, The
101. Pneuma, Usage of, in N.T.
  31. Points, The Fifteen Extraordinary, of the Sopherim
127. "Poor", etc., Synonymous Words for, N.T.
  98. "Potentate"
161. Potter's Field, The Purchase of the
172. "Power", etc., Synonymous Words for, N.T.
134. "Pray" and "Prayer", Synonymous Words for, N.T.
121. "Preach", etc., Synonymous Words for, N.T.
104. Prepositions, Greek
  72. Present Preposition, Parenthesis of the
  52. Pronunciation of Proper Names
189. Prophets: Apostles: Elders
  77. Prophets: Chronological Order of the
  92. Prophets: References in, to the Pentateuch
  78. Prophetic Books, Inter-relation of
  82. Prophetic Utterance, The Formulae of
103. Prophecy, The First Fulfilment of, in N.T.
155. Prophecies, The Two Great, of the End of the Age
            (Luke 21; Matthew 24; Mark 13)
  74. Proverbs, The Book of; Introduction and Analysis
  75. Proverbs, Special Passages in the Book of
  63. Psalms: Miscellaneous Phenomena
  63. Psalms: Acrostic Psalms
  63. Psalm: Authors named
  63. Psalms: Beatitudes in
  63. Psalms: Dispensational Character
  63. Psalms: Divine Titles; Applied to Christ in N.T.
  63. Psalms: Divine Tiles; Distribution of
  66. Psalms: Hebrew Words in Text of
  63. Psalms: Prayer Book Version
  63. Psalms: Quotations in N.T.
  63. Psalms: Quotations Direct Fulfillment of Prophecies in
  63. Psalms: Quotations Direct Utterance of Father, Son,
            and Holy Spirit
  63. Psalms: The Title of the Book
  65. Psalm Titles and Words used in them
  70. Psalm 15 and "The Sermon on the Mount"
  73. Psalm 119, The Ten Words of
110. Psuche, Use of, in N.T.
198. Purpose, The Eternal (Ephesians 3:11)
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  61. Quotations from the Book of Job
107. Quotations forom O.T., The Principle underlying


178. "Raise", "Resurrection", etc.,
            Synonymous Words for, N.T.
196. "Reconcile", "Reconciliation"
111. "Repent", "Repentance", etc.,
            Synonymous Words for, N.T.
166. Resurrection of the Lord, Sequence of Events
178. "Resurrection", "Raise", etc.,
            Synonymous Words for, N.T.
197. Revelation, The
    7. Revised Version, Italic Type in
    9. Ruach (Spirit), The Usage of


120. Sadducees, The
  36. "Salvation, Thy" (Genesis 49:18)
        Satan; see under Serpent
195. Seasons, Times and (Different Ages, etc.)
120. Sects, Jewish
133. "See", "Look", "Behold", etc.,
            Synonymous Words for, N.T.

174. "Send", "Sent", etc., Synonymous Words for, N.T.
  62. Septuagint Ending of Job
  70. "Sermon on the Mount, The", and Psalms 15
  19. Serpent, The, of Genesis 3
190. "Servant", "Serve", etc., Synonymous Words for, N.T.
  91. "Seventy Weeks", The, of Daniel 9
  34. Severin, Readings called
  35. "Sheol" (Hebrew Sheol)
  53. Sieges of Jerusalem
176. "Signs", The Eight, in John's Gospel
  68. Siloam Inscriptions
  15. Sinai, Laws before
  44. "Sin", "Trespass", "Iniquity", etc., O.T.
128. "Sin", "Wickedness", "Evil", etc.,
            Synonymous Words for, N.T.
156. "Six Days before the Passover"
171. "Sleep", Synonymous Words for, N.T.
  68. Solomon's Temple
  68. Solomon's Temple Plan
  68. Solomon's Royal Buildings
  68. Solomon's Ascent
  67. Songs of the Degrees
  98. "Son of God, The"
  98. "Son of Man, The"
  23. "Sons of God, The", in Genesis 6:2, 4
  31. Sopherim, The Fifteen Extraordinary Points of the
  32. Sopherim, Alterations of "Jehovah" (Genesis 18:3)
  33. Sopherim, Emendations of the (Genesis 18:22)
  13. Soul, Usage of the Word nephesh
110. Soul, Usage of the Word psuche, N.T.
    9. Spirit, Usage of the Word ruach
101. Spirit, Usage of the Word pneuma, N.T.
194. Spirits in Prison, The
  10. Spiritual Significance of Numbers
  12. Stars; "The Stars also", Genesis 1:16
    1. Structure of the Books of the O.T.
  71. "Sufferings and the Glory, The"
157. Suppers, The Three
120. Synagogue, The


  40. Tabernacle, The
131. Tartaroo, to thrust down to Tartarus
  68. Temple of Solomon on Mount Moriah
  68. Temple of Solomon on Mount Moriah (Plan)
116. Temptations, The, of our Lord, Matthew and Luke
  39. Ten Commandments, The
  29. Terah, Generations of
  93. Text, Alleged "Corruption" of Hebrew
  94. Text, Greek, of N.T.
148. "Third Day, The"
159. "This is My Body"
183. "This is that" (Acts 2:16)
147. "Thou art Peter" (Matthew 16:18)
144. "Three Days and Three Nights, The" (Matthew 12:40)
  36. "Thy Salvation" (Genesis 49:18)
195. Times and Seasons (Different Ages, etc.)
179. Times of our Lord, Parallel Datings of, etc.
  90. "Times" and "Days" of Daniel, The
  51. Time, Measures of
    4. Titles, Divine Names and, O.T.
  98. Titles, Divine Names in N.T.
  65. Titles, of Psalms, and Words used in them
173. "To-day" (Luke 23:43)
149. Transfiguration on the Mount, The
  44. "Trespass", "Sin", "Iniquity", etc., O.T.
  45. Tribes, The Twelve, Order and Grouping
175. "True", Synonymous Words for, N.T.
  69. "Trust", Synonymous Words for O.T.
  48. Types, Use of Various, in A.V. and R.V.


  97. Unity of the Four Gospels, The
  82. Utterance, The Formulae of Prophetic


  89. Visions of Daniel are Synchronous, The
179A. Voyage, Last, of the Apostle Paul (map)


136. "Wash", Synonymous Words for, N.T.
  91. "Weeks, The Seventy", of Daniel 9
  51. Weights
154. "What think ye of Christ?"
128. "Wickedness", "Sin", etc.,
            Synonymous Words for, N.T.

102. "Will" and "Wish", Synonymous Words for, N.T.
  27. "Wine", Synonymous Words for, O.T.
126. Woes, The Eight, Matthew 23; and the
            Eight Beatitudes of Matthew 5
129. "World", "Earth", etc., Synonymous Words for, N.T.
146. "World, Foundation of the"
137. "Worship", Synonymous Words for, N.T.


  68. Zion
  68. Zion Water Supply of
170. Zoe, Life


179A. Map illustrating the Missionary Journeys
             and Last Voyage of the Apostle Paul
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